Trailblazing Talent: GPS Navigator Aliciana Harvey-Lopez Earns Recognition as Emerging Leader

Aliciana Harvey-Lopez, one of our outstanding High School GPS students from Sarasota, recently received the prestigious Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Young Emerging Leader Award. This honor is a testament to her exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to community service.

Her accomplishments have garnered widespread recognition, including a live interview on ABC7 News, where she shared her inspiring journey and insights. Aliciana’s remarkable story was also featured in esteemed publications such as the Sarasota Bar Association Docket, the Observer Newspaper, Sarasota Magazine, and The Bradenton Times.

Notably, Aliciana emerged as a finalist in the highly competitive “Embracing Our Differences” contest, competing among 16,604 entries worldwide. She further demonstrated her exceptional abilities by securing FIRST PLACE in the League of Women Voters YVote Contest, advocating for diversity and empowerment.

Looking ahead, Aliciana has secured bookings with two radio stations and an exclusive ABC News segment scheduled for March, underscoring her growing influence and impact. We commend Aliciana for her remarkable achievements and celebrate her as a true leader and inspiration in our community.


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