GPS Workplace by Facebook Community Expectations.

The Guided Pathway Support (GPS) Program is designed to assist highly motivated college-bound African American high school students navigate the college admissions process by directing them to the most comprehensive and reliable resources available. These resources include: advice and counsel related to college selection, existing prep programs, general guidance and financial aid. Selected participants will benefit from invaluable advising and on-line leadership development opportunities. The Ron Brown Scholar Program has a 20-year history of providing navigational resources to African American students.

This document outlines the commitments and expectations of GPS participants. Upon accessing the GPS Workplace by Facebook page or otherwise participating in the GPS Program, students agree to:

  • Act with honesty and personal integrity;
  • Demonstrate character and leadership;
  • Understand that as a participant in the GPS Program that you represent the Program and any negative behavior will reflect poorly upon the Program;
  • Maintain a strong commitment to academic excellence while taking an appropriately challenging course load;
  • Be concerned about and engaged in your community in a positive manner;
  • Continue to receive assistance from all sources of support such as special programs, counselors, college nights, etc. GPS is a supplement provided by current college students and or recent graduates of the college you may be interested in attending;
  • Keep the Program informed as to current home address, home/cell telephone numbers and e-mail address. This information is not disclosed to anyone who is not authorized to see or work with Program data. The information is used by the office to contact students concerning items of interest such as potential meetings, online activities, communication with advisors and official Program communications;
  • Respond promptly to any correspondence initiated by the Program by telephone, e-mail or US postal mail;
  • Utilize online platforms such as Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to communicate with the Program and other participants. As a participant who decides to utilize such platforms for participation, you agree to utilize these platforms in a responsible manner and to not hold the Ron Brown Scholar Program responsible for the behaviors of other users and advisors;
  • Agree not to post communications which may be considered discriminatory, self-promotional, distasteful, offensive, sexually inappropriate or politically affiliated.
  • Understand that most interactions will be through an online community, therefore, opinions expressed by other users/advisors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Program and thus the Program shall not be held responsible if found to be offensive or not in agreement with your personal view.
  • Agree to notify Program managers should there be any interactions, communications, content or written materials found to be offensive or make the participant uncomfortable. These issues should be reported immediately to the Ron Brown Scholar Program (GPSProgram@ronbrown.org); and
  • Understand that while the RBSP believes this free service to you will be extremely helpful in your navigation of the college process, your investment in our resources will ultimately determine what you get out of our Program.