GPS Advisory Corps

Crystal Boyd

New York University
RBS 2006

Jason Brown

Brown University
RBS 2019

Jeyla Brown

University of Maryland-College Park
RBS 2017

Micheal Brown

Stanford University
RBS 2018

Iman Dancy

Yale University
RBS 2019

Kayla Edwards

James Madison University

Josie Francois

Harvard College; Harvard Medical School
RBS 2013

Ryan Williams French

Dartmouth College; American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco
RBS 2008

Aaron Gravely

Harvard College
RBS 2009

Caroline Haoud

Columbia University
RBS 2015

Shayla Harris

University of Chicago; University of Chicago Law School
RBS 2014

Akweley Lartey

Yale University
RBS 2018

Ayanna Martin

Vanderbilt University
RBS 2015

Eddie Martin

Mississippi State University; Princeton Theological Seminary; University of Maryland- College Park
RBS 2000

Jonsette Calloway Martin

Howard University; West Virginia University

Yasmeen Metellus

Columbia University; New York University School of Law
RBS 2016

DivineAsia Miller

Amherst College; Wake Forest University School of Business
RBS 2015

Christine Ohenzuwa

Princeton University
RBS 2019

Michelle Osagie

Yale University
RBS 2018

Jada Reid

Wesleyan University
RBS 2018

Marcus Shallow

Yale University
RBS 2018

AynNichelle Slappy

Swarthmore College
RBS 2016

JaLynn Smith

University of Virginia

Kelli Stewart

Emory University; New York University School of Law
RBS 1997

Saaya Sugiyama-Spearman

Yale University
RBS 2017

Chris Taylor

Harvard College; Wake Forest University School of Law
RBS 2008

Kiah Thorn

Stanford University; University of Texas at Dallas
RBS 2008

Leslie Turner

Duke University; Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
RBS 2013

Quan Usher

University of Michigan
RBS 2017

Miriam Wahid

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RBS 2017

Alysha Walker

Old Dominion University

Winfred Walker

Virginia Commonwealth University

Alan Wesson Suarez

Yale University
RBS 2007

Jadal Williams

Stanford University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RBS 2017

Joellé Williams

Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley
RBS 2012

Jamaal Young

Georgetown University
RBS 1999

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